Thursday, January 26, 2012

Phone Numbers needed during emergency

Phone Numbers needed during emergency

On each Tuesday newspaper, I used to notice a tabular column with all the emergency numbers. I used to wonder why every week they post it. Wont it be enough if they publish every month and use the space for some commercials to get them more money or for some hype creating news events. But today (10.11.11), it actually made me think of the benefit the column gave me.

I travel by EMU local train from Tambaram to Guindy to reach my office. Today, I noticed a guy hit by a fast train and blooding heavily on his face. Though his face is still haunting me, I recollected the emergency helpline number and informed the same to them. They said, they'll do the needful asap.

I then realised, this is how the numbers are useful for commuters like any one of us. I wanted to share this event not to boast myself, but to share the emergency numbers with you.

I would also like to share that, last week I attended Social Media Summit 2011 happened in MOP Vaishnav College for Women. There, during the last session, they asked each one of us to create blog and share the moments with the online viewers.

Both these events made me create this blog today. And finally, now goes the numbers...

EMU Local/Fast Train Help Line - 9962500500
Local Bus Help Line - 9445030516 / 9383337639

Police - 100
Fire - 101
Ambulance - 102
Traffic Complaints and Accidents -103


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