Saturday, October 12, 2013

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Read my personal diaries. Perceive life from my perspective. Explore this world from my standpoint. Experience my body and soul, metaphysically.

1 January (Saturday)

Woke up by 5:30. Freshened up myself by 7:30. Today is the first day of English New Year 2005. I observed people welcoming it with colourful designs at the entrances of their houses. The zeal and spirit of this occasion was evident everywhere. I bought a copy of my favorite Telugu daily Eenadu and scanned it for half an hour. Bought a monthly Metro Express bus pass for 450 rupees at the office of e-seva in New Nallakunta by 9:30. My cousin Ravindra and I started to Secunderabad by 10:30. We bought two T-shirts for 100 rupees at the Fantoosh retail outlet in Secunderabad by Rethifile bus stand. Then both of us had our breakfast in Star of India hotel. Then we walked toward Alfa Hotel area opposite Secunderabad railway station. There I bought ten casual wear T-shirts for 650 rupees. Ravindra bought one T-shirt and one wristwatch in this highly crowded area of roadside sellers. We returned to the hostel by 1:00. Went to Dilsukh Nagar by 3:00 to enquire about the failure of my cousin Ravindra’s job with A to Z Consumer Services at Chaitanyapuri. Bought one advance booking Easy Movies ticket at the e-seva office in New Nallakunta by 5:00. Moved to cinema Devi at RTC crossroads by 5:45. There were many viewers around these three cinemas. Watched the recently released Telugu film “Mass” from 6:00 to 9:00. Had my supper by 9:30. May gods and goddesses bless me. Went to sleep by 10:00. 
தொடர்ந்து படித்திட .......


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