Wednesday, August 22, 2012

வெல்க நற்பண்பாளர் !- தமிழக அரசுத் தேர்வாணையக் குழுத் தலைவர் வழங்கிடும் செய்தி!

Chairman's Message

"Be the change you want to be and the change you want to see” are the Golden words of Mahatma Gandhi. For the teeming poor of India 'Life' is a big 'IF' between Living and Existence.
We all dream of a society shorn of all petty differences where Men and Women irrespective of economic condition, caste or creed can live with dignity and be assured of reasonable standard of living commensurate with their efforts.
Government service offers the opportunity to realise this dream and make a difference in lives of people.
Serving fellow humans is the most divine worship one can perform. It is with such missionary zeal one should look up to Government service.
Tamil Nadu Public Service commission is enjoined with the huge responsibility of recruiting dedicated, sincere and capable young men and women through a transparent selection system. We believe in truth and integrity.   Speed and accuracy are our watch words. Our actions should reflect honesty, sincerity efficiency and above all integrity.
These core values will be our guiding principles.
We are truly blessed to be entrusted with this Constitutional responsibility which we will fulfil without fear or favour.
TNPSC is fortunate to have in its rolls dedicated staff who assist the commission in its noble Mission.
We are moving towards a most secure, transparent and interactive system. We are open to suggestions and will constantly strive to improve and excel. Occasion for seeking information from the commission will be rare as we will proactively share with the public all the relevant information.
I take this opportunity to invite all young men and women to participate in this fair, open, transparent and honest selection process.
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Study the system, understand prepare well and take part in the competition confidently. Success will definitely come one's way.
Our Mission is to achieve the goal of recruiting ideal Public servants in accordance with the Constitutional provisions truly implementing the reservation policy to secure Social Justice. The Vision is such Public servants serve with dedication towards sincere delivery of services to the people in accordance with the policy of the Government  for ensuring Good Governance which is Participatory, consensus oriented, equitable and corruption free.

வாழ்க பாரதம் !
வாழ்க தமிழகம் !!
வெல்க நற்பண்பாளர் !!!


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